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The Little List of Good and Bad

This the concept of this list was originally made up on the way home from marching a long parade in the middle of the winter in Ottawa while discussing eating pickle fungus. This particular version was written by Lin-Z and I during some prep for a history exam. Please keep on mind that these are not our all our opinions, some just reflect the political situation where we live. (ex. the one against minorities was written because the head honcho of this great provice said that he had lost the vote because so the minorities, actually here, I being "les maudit anglais" am a minority) and so on.

List of Good and Bad Things


Ice cream is good
rope burns are bad;
kitty cats are good
Rabid kitty cats are bad;
Fruit is good
poisonus yams are bad;
goats are good;
veneareal diseases are bad;
nostrals are good
pickle fungus is bad;
fingers are good;
minorities are bad
--- is good (nudge nudge)
goat’s nostrals are bad;
furniture is good;
flaming furniture is bad.
trees are good
severed limbs are bad
austalian pigmes are good
purple epileptic ducks are bad,
mr. murray is good
mr. murray is bad
thiland is good
sweden is bad.
kelly is good
anders is bad
liquer is good
lick-her is bad
eating peanut butter through unusual orificies is good
planting illicit drugs in freinds backyards is bad
fire is good
school is bad. (link?)
guillotines are good
human heads on sticks are bad
communism is good
democracy is bad
Q is good
B is bad
Anarchy is good
Anal-Key is bad
hemp is good
hemorages are bad
modems are good
ibms are bad
baggets are good
biggots are bad
irrelevancy is good
repetition is bad
repetition is bad
Paper is good
Backstreet boys are bad
Paper is good
Hanson is bad
Nirvana is good
New Kids on the Block is bad

Wow! Your in luck, I managed to find the original list written some time ago in a tech class.

The Little List of GOOD and BAD Things


Ice Cream is GOOD
Pickle Fungus is BAD.
Fruit is GOOD, while
Poisonous Yams are BAD
Trees are GOOD....
But Severed Limbs are BAD
The sun is GOOD,
But Spontaneous human combustion is BAD
Potassium is GOOD
Potassium is BAD
Dolphins are GOOD
But Triangular Heads are BAD
Law and order are GOOD
but replacing your blood with cardboard is BAD
cheese is GOOD,
and oversided cabbages are OK.