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About Me
Like you actually care
So you want to know about me, eh?

I've been a member of Guides Canada for 11 years now. I was a Brownie, Guide, Pathfinder, and now, a Ranger in the Charged Element. I never was a Spark because when I was 5, Sparks didn't exist, but I was a helper with a unit for several months. Well, I'm rambling on, I'll write more if I ever do anything cool.


I'm a pretty bad musician, but it takes up a great deal of my time so I thought I should probably mention it. I play flute and I used to play up until last month piccolo (but mostly piccolo) in the RWA honour band. This year we played at Disney World in Florida for our trip. It was pretty cool, in one venue we played for 860 people, which is our record and we also got to know each other quite well, being on a bus for 29 hours with no air conditioning. It was interesting... In general the band is good, last year we won the Montreal CAWS festival and something else, although I don't remember what that was and this year we won gold in the Montreal 'Music Festival' (inventive name, eh?). I sat second chair but because of the piccolo I generally do whatever part. I also play in a flute choir, but there were no auditions to get in so the level varies drastically. As well as the flute and piccolo, I play the bassoon, but it has much to be desired, I just took it up to learn the bass clef. That's about it for music, funny seems to take up more time than anything else but of paper, it's nothing at all.