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My Funkiness Links

These are some links that I find kinda cool.

Friend's Pages:
iggy_ 'n' StarGrrrl' s AgGRo PagE
This is James' skater page.
Psykopupy's Page
This is Collin's page. Of u get scared easily, don't go there.
Charged Elements
Ok, so this is another of my pages, but give me a break, I don't have many friends with web pages. If you send me a link maybe I can put you here too.

Funny Stuff:
Elgaroo's Psychic Enema
I love this, the first time I saw this site I couldn't stop laughing. ( I still can't stop)
Center For The Easily Amused
This place is great. You can spend hours there.
The Anti-Canada Website
Don't worry, this site in non-offensive. If you are Canadian (like me) then you will get the humour in it.

More to come soon.
Want your link up here? Just send me an email with the URL and a description and I will gladly add it to the list.