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"The basson belongs to the double-reed family. Its tone is weighty and thick in the low register, dry and sonorous in the middle, reedy and intense in the upper. It is one of the most flexible and useful of the bass instruments. Capable of a hollow-sounding staccato and and wide leaps that create humorous effect, it is at the same time a highly expressive instrument."
-Joseph Machlis


"The wedding guest here beat his breast
For he heard -" I'm sure you know the rest,
But readers constantly infer
It was the Ancient Mariner
That spoiled his day and changed his tune,
Ah, no, - "he heard the lound BASSOON.
This half a cord of wooden plumbing
Enjoys the habit of becoming
First deep and dismal, fierce and snarly,
Then laughing at you jocularly.
(A contra-bassoon can be had
Just twice as long and twice as sad.)
Italians call this bag of tricks
"Fagotto" (meaning "bunch of sticks")
Which helps to clarify the motto
I cling to: "Horn but not fagotto."
-Laurence McKinney

Bassoon Noise

Russian Sailors' Dance - Glière: I don't know much about this tune, but a subsitute conductor always used to tell us "think of vodka!"

For all those who care, I play a Sonora bassoon, couldn't tell you much else about it, because it's not actually mine.